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  • Compliance with legislation
  • Risk analysis
  • Assessment of critical measures
  • Draw up investment plan
  • Prevention at events

Preliminary design

  • Compliance with legislation
    • Advice on specific interpretation of legislation
    • Determination of shortcomings
    • Advice concerning feasibility of derogations
  • Fire safety strategy
  • Preliminary design of systems
    • Smoke and heat extraction
    • Extinguishing systems (sprinklers, gas, foam, etc.)
    • compartmentalisation
  • Advice concerning preliminary cost estimate
  • Preliminary discussion with the fire service

Detailed design and development

  • Develop fire scenarios (smoke and heat extraction, detection, extinguishing systems, etc.)
    • Draw up fire safety file
  • Performance-oriented analysis (ASET-RSET)
    • Evacuation analysis
    • CFD calculations
  • Risk analysis:
    • Risk identification for specific activities
      • Qualitative: first assessment/areas of focus
      • Quantitative: comparison of combinations of measures
    • Cost-benefit: what is sufficient and what is too much?
  • Technical specifications
    • Ventilation, excess pressure, detection, extinguishing, compartmentalisation
    • Cost estimate
  • Expertise report
    • Derogations with fire service
    • Derogation requests


  • Support for supplier selection
  • Follow-up work
  • Design check
    • Measurements of system performance
    • Smoke and fire tests
    • Determination of derogations
    • Delivery of equipment
  • Certification at request of fire service/building manager