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Trappenhuis - Fire safety analysis


The primary school ‘Het Trappenhuis’ in Ghent consists of 5 mezzanine-type floors which accommodate 176 students and 15 adults. What characterizes the school, is the central, open staircase connecting all floors and rooms of the building. The challenge consisted of developing a fire safety concept in order to achieve an equivalent safety level as is required by the applicable legislative documents.


An audit of the building showed the critical points with regards to the life safety of the occupants, the potential fire spread and intervention of the fire brigade. Based on this, a number of compensating measures were proposed.

The impact of the proposed measures on the fire safety level was demonstrated via a performance based analysis of the evacuation times and the fire and smoke spread. Additionally, a spontaneous evacuation drill was performed in the school in order to make realistic assumptions in the evacuation analysis.

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