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Theatre Minard - Fire safety analysis


The Ghent theatre Minard was originally constructed in 1848 and renovated during the ‘90s. In the near future, the roof of the theatre will be renewed, with the exception of the load bearing structure. The Ghent fire department however places strict requirements on the structure of the roof in terms of fire safety. Additionally, given the moment status of the building, the visual impact of the fire safety concept has to be limited.


The current safety level with regards to fire safety was identified based on the current applicable legislation and rules of good practice. In addition to this, the fire protection systems present were inspected to check for the need to update or extend the systems.

Based on the audit, a fire safety concept was proposed. Validating the fire safety concept in terms of life safety of occupants via a performance based analysis of the evacuation time and the expected fire and smoke spread developments (technical jargon: ASET/RSET analysis).

Finally, the maximum expected gas temperature near the roof’s load bearing structure was predicted.

Added service

The technical specifications for the recommended systems were provided.


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