Testimonials Interns 2018

During the summer of 2018, a couple of IMFSE students took on an internship. Balsa and Giorgos share their experience.

Hi Balsa and Giorgos,

Why did you apply for an internship at FESG?

Balsa: I wanted to expand on the knowledge I gained during my first year of the IMFSE programme with some practical experience. When I heard about the opportunity of working on full scale fire experiments with FESG I applied immediately.

Giorgos: Since I had no working experience in the field of Fire Safety Engineering, it was crucial for me to get a practical insight of what a fire engineer does as an everyday task. I wanted to see  how all that theoretical knowledge, acquired during my first year of studies, could be applied as an engineering solution to real life problems. FESG is a top engineering and consultancy firm, with a leading position in the market, numerous projects with increasing complexity and a clear vision; to shape a better world by striving to find always a better way.

What did you think of the company and the team of FESG?

Balsa: What impressed me most about the FESG team was the diversity, it was a small team with people with very broad range of expertise and background coming from all corners of the world.

Giorgos: FESG is a very well structured and organised company. It offers to its employees an ideal working environment that enables them to be effective, productive and to work totally  undistracted. FESG team combines the experience with the youth and the enthusiasm and the result is impressive. Innovation, knowledge, imagination and out-of-the-box thinking are in my opinion what characterizes FESG team and make it distinct.

Did your internship give you new insights in fire safety related topics? If yes, can you clarify which ones?

Balsa: During my internship I was mostly involved in the large scale fire tests on sprinklered cars in underground car parks. That gave me much broader picture of fire safety than I expected. I gained first-hand experience with sprinkler systems, firefighting, planning, designing and research needed for projects of this scale.

Giorgos: Actually yes. The opportunity to work in a very special experimental research project that was ongoing that period was unique. The underground car parking fire tests in campus Vesta was clearly something that does not happen every day. The scale of the tests, as well as the variety of the topics that had to be studied for the successful accomplishment of the tests, gave me insight of fire safety topics such as the water mapping, the thermal smoke backlayering length, the impinging flames and ofcourse the ventilation and sprinkler setup in underground car parks.

Can you very briefly describe what your tasks were at FESG and can you describe in full the one you liked the most?

Balsa: My main task was assisting with the experiments in any way needed. The biggest and for me favourite part of it was designing and executing water mapping tests with my fellow intern Giorgos. We were given a lot of freedom in designing the test but our supervisors were with us at every step to offer advice. I spent the rest of my time with FESG assisting with the actual fire tests. Part of this was also being inside of the fire compartment during the tests with the full firefighting equipment, definitely a unique experience for a fire safety engineering internship.

Giorgos: My main task was to organise the experimental setup of the water mapping tests, as a part of the underground car park fire tests in Vesta. I was responsible for finding an appropriate water mapping test, so that to record the distribution of the water that is discharged, when several different sprinkler heads are activated, under any possible combination. Besides, I reviewed several papers connected to the topics of the electrical car fires, the ventilation velocity and the backlayering length, the pool fires in a enclosed area and the water curtains as an active fire protection solution.

Would you want to work for FESG? Describe why or why not.

Balsa: Yes, FESG has the perfect working environment for a graduate fire engineer. The company has projects in multiple branches and provides the opportunity to gain experience working on a wide variety of fire safety problems. The team is very friendly and everyone is always ready to help and share their experience.

Giorgos: There is no question about it. The answer is simply yes. Working at FESG will help me to get an invaluable experience in the field, to develop myself further and ofcourse become part of a team of fire protection experts and work closely with them. From my side, I would like to contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals with my skills and abilities.

Would you advise your fellow students to join FESG for an internship?

Balsa: Even though I presume my internship was a unique experience for FESG I would advise all students to apply for an internship. As I mentioned the team is very versatile and all students could find an appropriate mentorship in the office. Also there is the fact that you get to spend a summer in Gent which for me was a major positive.

Giorgos: For sure. It is a chance that no one should miss.

Could you give rankings (1-5, 1 being extremely negative and 5 being extremely positive) to the following topics:

Communication Student-FESG: 5 / 4

Teamspirit: 5 / 5

Relevance for your studies: 5 / 5


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