Preliminary advice from the fire service for industrial buildings

Did you know that the new planning permission guidelines require preliminary advice from the fire service for class B and class C industrial buildings? The fire service has up to 45 days to respond, which could mean a delay of 45 days to your project.

FESG can advise you on the fire class of your project by carrying out a fire load calculation. For many industrial projects, we are able to establish that your building is a fire class A building, in which case preliminary advice from the fire service is not necessary.

Determining your fire strategy in the early phases also helps to avoid the need for retrospective modifications or delays to your project. If fire safety aspects are only taken into account when the design has been finalised, or after implementation, modifications such as additional compartmentalisation or sprinkler systems will always end up costing more than if they had been incorporated into the earlier design. FESG has a wealth of experience in industrial projects, from simple production halls to complex renovations and processes, and would be delighted to provide advice that is tailored to your project.

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